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Barrel of Monks was founded by good friends who came together to create something that has seldom been done in the United Statesā€¦a brewery specializing in Belgian-style beer. The focus is on quality – combining traditional techniques with modern technology.



The Journey

Several years ago, they started traveling to Belgium to see how their favorite beers were brewed. Along the way, they learned about themselves as well as the beer. They started brewing themselves and never looked back, honing their brewing skills to develop high quality ales reminiscent of the fine ales coming out of Belgium.

The Monks

Bill McFee

Bill is a trained brewmaster, who is responsible for recipe design, and supervises processes in the brewery.

Keith DeLoach

Keith is an entrepreneur with a wealth of knowledge and experience in many arenas. HeĀ maintains our forward momentum.

Matthew Saady

Matthew is a scientist by heart and dedication. Matt oversees lab activities that include yeast management, quality control and yeast strain development.

Kevin Abbott

Kevin is the director of operations, responsible for all aspects of operations of the brewery, including sales, production, and staffing.