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Eyes of Amber

Amber Ale

Available in Bottles / Cans To-Go
5.0% 0.0
This amber ale is medium bodied with hints of caramel malts, ripe strawberries and toffee. The beer is underlined and enhanced by the spicy nuance of our house Belgian ale yeast strain. Eyes of Amber is perfectly balanced and drinkable with just the right amount of malt sweetness leading to a dry finish. Subtle and refined its flavor sees right through you and offers a depth far more than surface deep.

Abbey Terno

Belgian Dubbel

Available in Bottles / Cans To-Go
7.5% 24.0
Charmingly tweaked from the Latin term Ab Aeterno which translates to “from eternity” or “since the beginning” depending on who you ask, Abbey Terno is our version of the abbey style Dubbel. This timeless brown beer makes liberal use of delicious Belgian candi sugar that adds notes of toffee, dried fruit and just a hint of chocolate. The Dubbel is often overlooked in favor of Tripel’s and Quadrupel’s but Abbey Terno is just as layered and complex while adding a level of drinkability, which ranks it among the very favorite beers we’ve created.

Three Fates

Belgian Tripel

Available in Bottles / Cans To-Go
9.0% 28.0
Possibly the most well known and timeless style of Belgian Abbey Ale is the Tripel. In keeping with that tradition we use only finest European malts and hops to craft Three Fates. The nose offers floral notes and zesty yeast aromas. Hints of stone fruits, caramel, and spices accompany this full flavored golden yellow ale. This complex beer pairs extraordinarily well with food and can be aged for years for those people who practice patience.


Belgian Quadrupel

Available in Bottles / Cans To-Go
10.5% 32.0
The Quadrupel is the granddaddy of the Abbey Style Ales. Typically, they are dark, strong ales bursting with flavors such as dark fruit, chocolate and raisins and our Quadraphonic is no exception. This dense beer hides its 10.5% well with a deep brown color and a long rich finish. The Quadraphonic is a beer designed for celebration and decadence.

The Wizard

Belgian-Style Witbier

Available in Bottles / Cans To-Go
5.5% 14.0
Pale Yellow in color and slightly hazy, Wizard has a touch of bready tang from the wheat malt that complements the orange peel’s citrus note and coriander spice. This refreshing wheat ale is ideal for those seeking a drinkable yet full flavored beer.

Single In Havana

Belgian Blonde with Guava

Available in Bottles / Cans To-Go
4.5% 14.0
The quintessential beer for a tropical climate, our Single in Havana marries a clean and crisp blonde ale with tons of pink guava goodness. Finding the right balance between the fruit and the beer is key to its drinkability and this beer is not only brimming with tropical fruit but astoundingly remains dry and refreshing at the same time.

Be Mine*

Belgian Quadrupel w/ Cherries & Chocolate

Available in Bottles / Cans To-Go
10.5% 0.0
A sip of Be Mine will bring one word to mind, decadence. The tart cherries and cocoa nibs added to the already rich dark fruit and raisin of our Quadraphonic Quadrupel results in a hedonistic delight for the senses. This once a year release is perfect for sharing with someone special.

Parade of Souls 2023*

Imperial Stout

Available in Bottles / Cans To-Go
11.0% 0.0
Come hither and join the spectral procession with our newly exalted Parade of Souls Imperial Stout. This year's version is a hauntingly delightful masterpiece, meticulously crafted with an amended recipe that pushes the boundaries of flavor and complexity. This Barrel of Monks classic now boasts a more full-bodied, velvety-smooth mouthfeel that enrobes the tongue, delivering an opulent and sumptuous drinking experience. Decadent notes of bittersweet cocoa, velvety caramel, and hints of dark fruit intertwine, harmonizing with the warming essence of alcohol that creeps in inch by inch. We implore you to not fear the darkness, join the Parade!

Rustic Roots


Available in Bottles / Cans To-Go
6.5% 0.0
Rustic Roots pours with an inviting amber hue. A generous and persistent tan head crowns the brew, leaving delicate lacing as it gently recedes. Notes of caramel dominate the aroma. The flavor is a trip into malt-forward excellence. Toasted bread notes are complemented by gentle honey and toffee sweetness. Rounding out the complexity is a mild earthy bitterness from the noble hops that balances the malt profile and leaves a clean, satisfying finish. Indulge in the harmonious blend of premium malts, toasted grains, noble hops, and lager smoothness that make Rustic Roots a truly exceptional and memorable Bock beer experience.

The Devil's Decadence*

Imperial Milk Stout (Coconut, Vanilla & Cinnamon)

Available in Bottles / Cans To-Go
12.0% 20.0
Not all the Devil’s contracts are entered through mundane signatures; some are more alluring and delicious. We dare you to resist this epitome of hedonism, brewed with an unreasonable amount of coconut, vanilla, cinnamon and lactose. This sinful brew will seduce you with notes of sweet coconut cream, toasted pastry crust, baking spices and velvety milk chocolate. Heed this warning; once this devil’s brew hits your lips, he’ll have you right where he wants you.

Verdant Embrace

IPA - New Zealand

Available in Bottles / Cans To-Go
6.2% 0.0
Verdant Embrace, our New Zealand IPA, is a tribute to Nelson’s hop-growing region. The rich soil and temperate climate create an ideal environment for hops, resulting in lush greenery. The terroir is evident in this beer, offering flavors ranging from exotic tropical to robust earthy and resinous. It provides the best of the Southern hemisphere with complete hop saturation!

Waypoint IPA

IPA - New England / Hazy

Available in Bottles / Cans To-Go
6.5% 51.0
If you’re on a journey of beer exploration you’ll definitely want to stop here and stay awhile to enjoy this citrusy IPA featuring notes of tangerine, lemon, kiwi and white grape flesh. Just don’t linger too long or you may never want to leave.
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