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These are beers currently on tap in our Tasting Room – updated hourly

Single In The Sun

Belgian-Style Blonde Ale

Available in bottles
4.5% 20
Single In The Sun label While Belgian monks have brought us boldly flavored and high octane beers such as Tripels and Quadrupels, the beer that they are most likely drinking themselves is a Singel or Patersbeir. Like those monks, at Barrel of Monks you’ll likely see us enjoying this clean and refreshing beer regularly as there is always something to be done and staying on as even a keel as possible is key. It’s both the perfect beer to begin your quest into the world of Belgian Ales and an ideal choice after a long day of toil and trouble.

Abbey Terno

Belgian Style Dubbel

Available in bottles
7% 24
Abbey Terno label Charmingly tweaked from the Latin term Ab Aeterno which translates to “from eternity” or “since the beginning” depending on who you ask, Abbey Terno is our version of the abbey style Dubbel. This timeless brown beer makes liberal use of delicious Belgian candi sugar that adds notes of toffee, dried fruit, just a hint of chocolate and is dry and sessionable even at 7% ABV.

Three Fates

Belgian Style Tripel

Available in bottles
9% 28
Three Fates label Possibly the most well known and timeless style of Belgian Abbey Ales is the tripel. In keeping with that tradition we use only the finest European malts and hops to craft Three Fates. The nose offers floral notes and zesty yeast aromas. Hints of stone fruits, caramel, and spices accompany this full flavored golden yellow ale. This complex beer pairs extraordinarily well with food and can be aged for years for those people that practice patience.


Belgian-style Quadrupel

Available in bottles
10.5% 32
Quadraphonic label The quadrupel is the grandaddy of the Abbey style ales. Typically, they are dark, strong ales bursting with flavors such as dark fruit, chocolate and raisins and our Quadraphonic is no exception. This dense beer hides its 10.5% ABV well with a deep brown color and a long rich finish. The Quadraphonic is a beer designed for celebration and decadence.


Belgian Style Witbier

5.5% 14
Wizard label Wizard is our flagship ale at Barrel of Monks, and for good reason. This is our Belgian style witbier, or wheat ale. This beer is pale yellow in color with a slight haze. It has a mild bready tang from the wheat malt which complements the bitter orange peel and coriander spice. This refreshingly wheat ale is lighter in body than most wheat beers, which make this ale perfect after a long day.

2019 Peach Sorcery*

Wild Belgian Style Witbier aged in barrels with peaches

2019 Peach Sorcery* label The Wizard Wit is a versatile canvas for us to treat with fruit and spices, or even undergo a second fermentation with wild yeast. With this in mind we've created our Sorcery Series to push the limits of what the Wizard is capable of. Each release the Wizard is aged in oak barrels on our house wild yeast culture. Here it undergoes a second fermentation, which brings out all that delicious funk of farmhouse ales while adding a nice acidic backbone. After nine to twelve months we transfer the beer back to steel and racking it onto that years' specialty fruit of choice. This year we chose peaches. This created an intensely refreshing ale with the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness. This will be corked and caged in 750ml bottles and can be gracefully aged for up to five years.

St. Arnoldus*

Red Wine Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Available in bottles
St. Arnoldus* label Cheers to our 2020/2021 Brotherhood Members. St. Arnoldus started out with a batch of Parade of Souls and we aged it in cabernet wine barrels for about a year. The result is added complexity with some vanilla from the oak and tannins fromt the red wine.

Pineapple Coconut Super Wizard*

Wheat Wine with Pineapple & Coconut

Pineapple Coconut Super Wizard* label With a titanic, tropical twist on our flagship Wizard. Super Wizard is a wheat wine ale that takes the bready malts, zesty phenols, orange peel and coriander of our traditional wit and turns the volume up. We then added copious amounts of pineapple and coconut to this full bodied beer with a creamy mouthfeel bursting with tropical notes, vanilla and zesty spices. The is almost impossibly long coating the tongue with orange cream and coriander.


Belgian-Style Amber Ale

5% 28
Toccata label From a virtuoso piece of music performed by nimble dexterous fingers to show its performers’ abilities, Toccata describes poise, skill and technique. We believe that our Amber Ale shows off these same attributes. Expertly blending high quality German 2-Row barley and crystal malts gives this beer a brilliant color and lends notes of toasty bread and subtle fruit from the yeast. Harmony and balance are the key, letting all the flavors come together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Endless Enigma

IPA : Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo & Mandarina Bavaria

6.4% 48
Endless Enigma label In a world full of over bitter IPAs, our Endless Enigma is the perfect blend, plenty of hop flavor and aroma without the mouth-numbing bitterness that many pale ales offer. Our twist on an IPA provides a bold juicy flavor that comes from the Citra, Mosaic, Mandarina Bavaria and Amarillo hops. Now let us be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a big, bold and bitter beer, but we simply lean towards offering a bit more malt balance and yeast character in our Belgian style IPA.

Single in Havana

Belgain Style Blonde with Guava

Single in Havana label A beer that started as a one-off that we'd send to a few local accounts, grew into one of seasonal fruit beers. Now by popular demand, Single in Havana will now be available all year! It's a light blonde ale at 4.5% with a hint of guava. We pitch our fruit during fermentation to dry out the beer. What that does is provide the flavor and aroma of guava without the overwhelming sweetness. The perfect crisp and refreshing ale to enjoy outdoors.

2019 Cabernet Father Christmas*

Barrel-Aged Belgian Dark Strong Ale with Holiday Spices

2019 Cabernet Father Christmas* label