These are beers currently on tap in our Tasting Room – updated hourly

Single in Bruges

Belgian Single

4.5% 20
Single in Bruges label While Belgian monks have brought us boldly flavored and high octane beers such as Tripels and Quadrupels, the beer that they are most likely drinking themselves is a Singel or Patersbeir. Like those monks, at Barrel of Monks you’ll likely see us enjoying this clean and refreshing beer regularly as there is always something to be done and staying on as even a keel as possible is key. It’s both the perfect beer to begin your quest into the world of Belgian Ales and an ideal choice after a long day of toil and trouble.


Belgian Amber Ale

Toccata label From a virtuoso piece of music performed by nimble dexterous fingers to show its performers’ abilities, Toccata describes poise, skill and technique. We believe that our Amber Ale shows off these same attributes. Expertly blending high quality German 2-Row barley and crystal malts gives this beer a brilliant color and lends notes of toasty bread and subtle fruit from the yeast. Harmony and balance are the key, letting all the flavors come together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Three Fates

Belgian Tripel

9% 28
Three Fates label The Three Fates in Greek mythology were sisters who determined length of life and eventual demise, they held the key to your destiny. Three Fates Tripel is a 9% ale with subtle hints of caramel, sweet bread and plenty of zesty spice from the Belgian yeast strain. It is often described as quite pleasant in appearance with a deep golden color and a white frothy head.



Available in bottles
10.5% 32
Quadraphonic label Inspired by the Trappist brewers in Belgium, the Quardupel is a Belgian style ale that is typically dark, strong, and bold in flavor. Our Quadraphonic is no exception. Quadraphonic is deep brown in color with reddish hues. It bursts with flavors of dark fruits, chocolate, and raisins, with a long rich finish. This beer is designed for celebration and decadence, and hides it's 10.5% ABV well.

Bon Bon

Belgian Style Chocolate Porter

Available in bottles
Bon Bon label Barrel of Monks celebrates it’s second anniversary with Bon Bon, a Dark Belgian Chocolate Porter. A porter is a classic English style ale that we decided to take on a tour of Belgium. First we fermented a typical Porter recipe with a Belgian yeast strain, then we added pure Callebaut Dark Belgian chocolate and allowed it to meld with the beer for a couple of weeks. Do not expect a sweet chocolate candy flavor - Bon Bon is a dry, roasty porter with a hint of fruity esters from the yeast and a pleasant bitterness from the really dark chocolate we used.



Available in bottles
6% 10
S'TART label Sour ales are a whole segment of the beer world that frighten some and excite others. They are polarizing beers, as some consumers assume a sour beer is a beer gone bad and many beer geeks believe that a sour ale must be tart enough to rip the enamel off your teeth. Our S'Tart is an attempt to find balance in the realm of sour or tart ales. We begin with an amber ale with plenty of caramel malt, and sour with lactobacillus in an oxygen-free environment to avoid harsh acidity. This is followed by fermentation with a classic Belgian yeast strain. The result is stone fruit flavors and bready malty goodness, with just enough tartness to refresh your palate for the next sip.

The Wizard


Available in bottles
5.5% 14
The Wizard label Slightly bready with the bitter tang of orange peel and coriander spice

Irish Creme Tartan Monk

Scotch Ale with Irish Creme

Irish Creme Tartan Monk label

Passion of the Wizard

Passionfruit Witbier

5.5% 14
Passion of the Wizard label The addition of passion fruit to our Wizard wit adds a twist we believe you will love! Try one.


Belgian Blonde

6.8% 37
Stereotype label Stereotype is our Belgian – style blonde ale fermented with a Trappist yeast strain. It is easy-drinking, with low but pleasing hop bitterness. Blonde in color (doh!) it is a medium bodied ale, that has fruity ester notes for a classic Belgian character.

Endless Enigma

Amarillo Dry-Hopped Belgian Pale Ale

6% 48
Endless Enigma label In a world full of over bitter IPAs, our Endless Enigma is the perfect blend, plenty of hop flavor and aroma without the mouth-numbing bitterness that many pale ales offer. Old world hops lend grassy, herbaceous notes to the flavors of caramel malt and banana. Now let us be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a big, bold and bitter beer, but we simply lean towards offering a bit more malt balance and yeast character in our Belgian Pale Ale.



Available in bottles
6.5% 20
Nuance label Saison is a funny category of beer. They can take the form of super funky farmhouse ales, full of earthy or even horsey aromas and flavors (horsey tastes better than it sounds, rest assured!). On the other end of the spectrum, you have the clean refined flavors or zesty spice and light, tart citrus. Our Nuance is very much in latter category, dry and effervescent with subtle spice notes that blend seamlessly with light floral hops. Neither big nor bold, it is a little more…nuanced.