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Nuance Saison

A Pale Ale that is crisp and spicy with a high level of carbonation. These beers are not usually thought of for long-term storage but we find that over time they take on a Champagne like quality. As the subtle hop bite fades away the sweet cereal malts shine next to the yeast’s zesty phenolic spice.

Batch #29

Brew Date - 07/03/2015, Bottle Date - 07/30/2015


Batch #85

Brew Date - 08/02/2016, Bottle Date - 09/06/2016


Abbey Terno Dubbel

One of the classic Trappist beers, our Dubbel is a brown ale with a fragrant spicy nose and flavor full of chocolate, caramel and fruit. The rich candi sugar we use in this beer really comes out as it ages. This leads to a slightly bolder flavor than its young counterpart, which drinks much lighter and cleaner than the color would suggest.

Batch #82

Brew Date - 07/22/2016, Bottle Date - 08/22/2016


Batch #113

Brew Date - 12/21/2016, Bottle Date - 01/17/2017


Three Fates Tripel

Possibly the most well know style of Belgian Trappist Ale is the Tripel. Golden yellow in color with a full flavor of stone fruits, caramel and spices, are accompanied by floral and zesty nose. When it comes to aging beers this is one of the true gems as the malt complexity can take on totally new forms after a year. We expect this beer to drink beautifully for three to four years.

Batch #16

Brew Date - 03/19/2015, Bottle Date - 05/14/2015


Batch #50

Brew Date - 01/08/2016, Bottle Date - 01/28/2016


Batch #54

Brew Date - 02/13/2016, Bottle Date - 03/09/2016


Quadraphonic Quadrupel

The biggest and boldest of the Trappist Ales this beer is full of dark fruit, cherries, chocolate and raisin. This dark brown ale is meant to be sipped and savored and will age gracefully for up to four years. As it ages expect it to become a bit sweeter with decadent fig and nut notes emerging.

Batch #95

Brew Date - 09/27/2016, Bottle Date - 11/01/2016


Father Christmas

We release Father Christmas every November to kick off the Holiday season, and it is something we look forward to all year long. This dark strong ale with cinnamon, ginger, clove and star anise tastes like Christmas and is perfect for the cooler months. Despite the limited seasonal availability of draft and bottles, here you have the chance to enjoy a well-aged example of a classic Belgian style as well as a few of the barrel aged variants that we saved specifically for this list.

Batch #33

Brew Date - 08/20/2015, Bottle Date - 10/14/2015


Batch #90

Brew Date - 09/06/2016, Bottle Date - 10/04/2016


Batch #33

Brew Date - 08/20/2015, Bottle Date - 10/10/2016


Batch #33

Brew Date - 08/20/2015, Bottle Date - 04/02/2016


Batch #90

Brew Date - 09/06/2016, Bottle Date - 06/02/2017


2017 Den of Sins

Aging our Belgian Imperial Stout in Bourbon Barrels add plenty of bourbon smokiness to the roasted malts and dark fruits of the base beer. We pick up dark chocolate, burnt oak and hints of raspberry on the palate while the finish caresses your taste buds, offering a smooth vanilla aftertaste. The 2017 Den of Sins shows what this beer can do with a little patience.

Bottle Date - 01/10/2017


2016 Grand Cru

Our inaugural Grand Cru was brewed to celebrate our 1st Anniversary. The 11% Golden Strong is a sweet, full-bodied ale full of toasty caramel malts. Each year's Grand Cru recipe is unique and is designed to age extremely well. The 2016 version has aged gracefully, taking on hints of dried stone fruits and rich caramel.

Batch #46

Brew Date - 12/03/2015, Bottle Date - 05/17/2016


2017 Grand Cru

The Grand Cru is never the same beer twice. Every year we brew a new beer, focusing on a high gravity ale with big and bold flavors. The 2017, a beautiful 11% Amber Ale fits the title of big and bold to a tee. Mild floral hop aromas accompany a toffee and caramel nose. The flavor is sticky with malt flavors and balanced by an almost earthy tone. A year into its maturation and we feel that this beer has just begun to shine.

Batch #119

Brew Date - 02/07/2017, Bottle Date - 06/14/2017


2016 Rum Barrel Grand Cru

If you are looking for a big, rich and sweet beer you are in luck! A full nose of cotton candy and sticky caramel introduces you the 2016 Rum Barrel Grand Cru. The flavor lends itself to molasses, candied fruits and caramel with hints of toasty oak. The incredibly long finish lingers seemingly forever, coating your tongue with sweet caramel, vanilla and gooey dark fruit goodness.

Bottle Date - 01/24/2017


Quandrum Rum Barrel Aged Quadrupel

Every year we marry one of our most decadent beers, Quadraphonic Quadrupel, with the smooth and rich complexity of dark Caribbean rum barrels. The barrels add lush vanilla and subtle oak flavor to beer already bursting with raisin and dark fruit. Over time the 2017 vintage has taken on notes of brown sugar as well subtle hints of clove and star anise. The layering of flavors is rich yet subtle as every sip unlocks tantalizing complexity.

Bottle Date - 02/07/2017


Bon Bon 2017 Anniversary Ale

A year’s age makes a world of difference in a beer like this. The subtle notes of baker’s chocolate are still there but are now accompanied by notes of spicy black pepper and cedar wood. Bon Bon is a porter first and a chocolate beer second, offering rich roasted notes and hints of dark chocolate. While many Porters turn to a burnt or acrid roast character, Bon Bon has stayed luscious and smooth.

Batch #116

Brew Date - 01/16/2017, Bottle Date - 02/16/2017


Monk in the Park

This Belgian Style Dark Strong Ale was brewed with and for Park Tavern in Delray Beach. Underneath gobs of candied blackberry and raisins is a roasted backbone that balances the sweetness with malt bitterness and a tinge of acidity. We are not ashamed to say that this beer is drinking better than it was upon its release. We also have here the Pinot Noir and Bourbon aged versions. While each has their cheerleaders, we would find it amiss to not say that after tasting the Pinot Noir aged version many of us believed that it was the best beer we had ever done!

Batch #55

Brew Date - 02/15/2016, Bottle Date - 05/16/2016


Batch #55 Bourbon

Brew Date - 02/15/2016, Bottle Date - 05/16/2016



A Cabernet Barrel version of our Three Fates Tripel, Morta has an explosive nose of red wine, toasty oak and spicy phenols. The fruit notes lean towards the dark with hints of plums and figs. The flavor falls in line with the dark fruits but reveals a hint of the stone fruits present in Three Fates. Spicy and robust after a year in the cellar, the Morta is ridiculously smooth with a whisper of acidity. A truly complex ale drinking with a lush and lingering finish.

Bottle Date - 08/01/2017


Barrel of Funk Batch #2

Our second collaboration with our good friends from Odd Breed Wild Ales took our Three Fates Tripel and aged it in second run chardonnay barrels. Odd Breeds yeast culture adds plenty of funk and a subtle tartness to the phenolic spice and caramel malts of our tripel. The mature version of this beer takes on a dry, wine like complexity of vanilla, caramel, peaches and oak. This elegant wild ale should continue to age splendidly for years.

Bottle Date - 01/02/2017


Matiz Salvaje

Spanish for Wild Nuance, this version of our Nuance Saison spent nearly 9 months in 2nd use Reposado Tequila Barrels. Undergoing a second fermentation from the wild yeasts found in the barrel, this beer picked up hints of toasty oak and a subtle tartness. This restrained Wild Ale doesn’t lean too much in one direction, either towards sour or funky. There are nuances of both that lend complexity and compliment the spiciness of the original beer and the oak where the beer lived for nearly a year.

Bottle Date - 06/10/2016



Released as a Brotherhood exclusive beer, Kaylee is our Tartan Monk Scotch Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels. This malty brown ale picked up hints of char and molasses from the barrel as well a touch of wild yeast that lends a slightly tart finish to the beer. The hint of sourness blends with sweet malts and smokey oak to create a unique and complex ale. While this beer is sure to drink well for a few more years this may be the perfect time to drink it as all the aspects of the beer are seemingly in balance.

Bottle Date - 10/11/2016



Aging Abbey Terno Dubbel in a third use Rum Barrel created Dubbelganger. In this beer the Rum Barrel only adds subtle notes as opposed to a first run barrel where the liquor and woody notes might dominate. Hints of warm dark rum on the nose blend with some almost floral notes and fruity candi sugar. The flavor leans heavily in dark fruits, caramel and crisp acidity picked up from wild yeast in the barrel. The finish is reminiscent of baker's chocolate and tart cherries. This is a truly complex barrel aged beer that unfolds into new flavors with every sip.

Batch #74

Brew Date - 05/27/2016, Bottle Date - 09/08/2016



This Amber Sour has continued to evolve in the bottle. The caramel malts meld well with the mild tartness, funky notes of leather and hints of stone fruits and strawberries. The whisper of burnt caramel and vanilla from the oak and orange rind hints follow up on the nose leading to a long and slightly creamy finish.

Bottle Date - 02/07/2017


Monk de Soleil

With our collaboration with 7th Sun we looked to pay homage to the great Trappist Ale, Orval. A Belgian Pale Ale, fermented with Brettanomyces, Monk de Soleil has the pungent aroma of fresh cut flowers with subtle noble hop herbaceousness. The beer is a medium bodied with explosive carbonation, bready malts and a spiciness that can only come from wild yeast. This one of a kind ale is full flavored yet clean and refreshing.

Batch #110

Brew Date - 12/09/2016, Bottle Date - 03/09/2017


Happy Accident

This beer started its life as a typical batch of Three Fates Tripel but an unintended contamination of wild yeast turned into something altogether different! Intensely carbonated with dry white wine characteristics, this beer has become the basis of our wild ale program. We enjoyed this beer so much that we cultivated this yeast strain and inoculated wild ale barrel to spread the wealth so to speak. Happy Accident is incredibly fragrant with a prickly mouthfeel and a long, dry and refined finish. This will certainly go down as the best mistake we have ever made and we think that you will agree!

Batch #86

Brew Date - 08/09/2016, Bottle Date - 09/20/2016