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Each one of these ales is an expression of what we stand for as a company and value as brewers—tradition, integrity and craftsmanship in our ingredients and techniques.


The Wizard


Our most popular beer. The Wit, Witbier, or White Ale is a staple among Belgian brewers and is an ideal style for those seeking a drinkable yet full flavored beer. The large quantities of wheat lend a slight bready tang that complements the bitter orange peel and coriander spice that we add to the boil. The beer is meant to be cloudy from the suspended yeast and proteins from the wheat malt. The fruit notes, phenolic spiciness of the yeast and tangy flavor of the malt bill make this a refreshing and complex beer.

ABV: 5.5
Sold: Draft only

Single in the Sun


While Trappist monks have brought us boldly flavored and highly octaned beers such as Tripels and Quadruples, the beer that they are most likely drinking themselves is a Singel or Patersbier. Like those monks, at Barrel of Monks you’ll likely see us enjoying this clean and refreshing beer regularly as there is always something to be done and staying on even keel is key. It’s both the perfect beer to begin your quest into the world of Belgian Ales and an ideal choice after a long day of toil and trouble.

ABV:  4.5%
Sold: Draft and Bottle To-Go

Abbey Terno


Charmingly tweaked from the Latin term Ab Aeterno which translates to “from eternity” or “since the beginning” (depending on who you ask), Abbey Terno is our abbey-style Dubbel. This timeless brown beer makes liberal use of delicious Belgian candi sugar which adds notes of toffee, dried fruit, just a hint of chocolate and is dry and very drinkable.

ABV: 7.5%
Sold: Draft & 750 ml Bottles

Three Fates


The Three Fates in Greek mythology were sisters who determined length of life and eventual demise, they held the key to your destiny. The Three Fates Tripel is a 9% ale with subtle hints of caramel, sweet bread and plenty of zesty spice. It is often described as quite pleasant to look at with a deep golden color and white frothy head.

ABV: 9%
Sold: Draft & 750 ml Bottles



The Quadrupel is the granddaddy of the abbey-style ales. Typically, they are dark, strong ales bursting with flavors such as dark fruit, chocolate and raisins. Our Quadraphonic is no exception to this. This dense beer hides its 10.5% well with a deep brown color and a long rich finish. The Quadrupel is a beer designed for celebration and decadence.

ABV: 10.5%
Sold: Draft & 750 ml Bottles



Nuance is our version of a saison, which is meant to be very drinkable in the Florida climate. It is pale in color, dry and refreshing. It is made with a classic Belgian yeast strain, has a high level of carbonation and a light body. It is crisp and spicy, with a pleasant hop bite.

ABV: 6.5%
Sold: Draft & 750 ml Bottles

Endless Enigma

Belgian Pale Ale

Endless Enigma is our tip of the hat to the hop heads amongst you. Although certainly not as hoppy as a typical west coast IPA, this uses several types of continental hops to give a hop bitterness that is firm but not harsh. It is light amber in color. The mouthfeel is refreshing, with lively carbonation and a rich head. The light malt backbone gives a mild sweetness balanced by a healthy dose of noble hops.

ABV: 6%
Sold: Draft only


Amber Ale

Toccata is our Belgian-style Amber Ale. Amber in color (doh!), it is easy drinking at 5% ABV, with a light toasted biscuity malt backbone that finishes with a gentle hop finish. Pairs well with light dishes and hot Florida days.


ABV: 5%
Sold: Draft only