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We are constantly creating new beers

From once-a-year to one-time-only, this menu will always be evolving, so keep checking back for new concoctions

Father Christmas

Spiced Holiday Ale

When the weather starts to cool off in Florida – get ready for Father Christmas. Our spiced seasonal winter ale, it is a dark brown, rich ale that has a thick brown head and smells of mulling spices. The flavor is reminiscent of a Christmas cookie, with hints of clove, cinnamon, and ginger. This beer ages well and vintage releases are often available.

ABV: 10%

Parade of Souls

Belgian style Imperial Stout

Our imperial Stout is made with roasted and dark caramel malts but with care to balance the roasted character against the sweetness and residual hops. It is given more character by the use of a classic Belgian yeast strain. Expect dark chocolate, raspberry, and plum notes. It is released once a year in the fall, enjoy while it lasts.

ABV: 10%

Grand Cru

Special Ale

This is a special release ale brewed annually with a different recipe each year. Always a big beer, always something very special.

ABV: varies