Very Special Annual Release: Grand Cru 2018

Sat. Dec 15, 2018 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm

On Saturday, December 15th, after much toiling, testing and tasting, we are very excited to release our annual Grand Cru. This is not so much a style as a designation for a very special Barrel of Monks beer. Every year we create a completely new recipe to explore the depth of full-flavored Belgian ales. 

Available on draft and in specialty bottles ($20), for the 2018 version, we chose to make a golden ale with a unique Belgian yeast strain and large amounts of European malt. Pouring this beer into a stemmed glass reveals the color and aroma of peach, as well as notes of apricot and apple on the palate. This flavorful ale is not easily categorized, but outstandingly delicious to sip or pair with your favorite meal.