Grand Throwdown Vs. Boulevard Brewing & Featuring Master Fusion Chef Chris Paul

Sun. Dec 15, 2019 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

On Sunday, December 15th, at 7pm (doors open at 6), we’re bringing you the best of the best for our year-end Throwdown event. Featuring nationally recognized Boulevard Brewing along with Master Chef Chris Paul, this event will be well worthy of it’s ‘Grand’ moniker. This throwdown will also take on a unique format in that both brewers will know the menu and pair their beers in advance, giving you the best possible pairing for every course.

The beers will be served alongside a special, 5-course gourmet menu, prepared by Master Fusion Chef Chris Paul. Chef Paul has honored us at the brewery many times with his cooking, and always brings a level of creativity, flair, and delectability to his cuisine.

The epic menu prepared by Chef Chris Paul for the evening is ready for your mouth-watering pleasure.

The Evening’s Menu

  • First Course: Turducken Whiskey Roulade, Cranberries, Nutmeg, Hazelnuts, Cheese Mousse, Chopped Purple Kale.
  • Second Course: Roasted Walnut Pasta served with saut√©ed Lobster and sprinkled with White Chocolate and caramelized Pine Nuts.
  • Third Course: Japanese Dumpling stuffed with Korean Smoked Pork, Sweet Brine Pickles with Asian Coleslaw.
  • Main Course: Champagne Chicken with black raspberries, Peruvian purple potatoes, seasonal veggies
  • Finishing Touch:¬†Spiced Ginger Pudding with Toffee Sauce and homemade gelato

We look forward to ending the year with a bang and hope you will join us for this most special of throwdowns.

All of our recent Throwdown dinners have sold out, so reserve your spot ASAP to join us!

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