Announcing Cyber Bottle Sales

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming series of Cyber Bottle Sales, which will allow you to reserve exclusive bottles of rare beers weeks before they go on sale in the tap room. All you have to do is order online, and we’ll set yours aside for you to pick up once they become available in our Tasting Room. We will not be shipping your order, they are only for pickup at the brewery.

Friends Help Friends (pick up their bottles)

When we release a new bottle, they can sell out quick and that is why we started this program, to allow those who can’t make it on the day of a beers release to still secure their bottles. And if you can’t make it to the Tasting Room to pick up your bottle within the allotted time frame, you can assign a friend as a Trustee to pick up your order. Whether stuck at work or living in another state, anyone can order fresh bottles of Barrel of Monks beer.

You’re Welcome

Perfect for parties or gatherings, as gifts or rewards, the best part of shopping our Cyber Bottle Sale is that you can comfortably purchase the best and newest Barrel of Monks beer from home using your laptop or desktop, or you can shop while on the go using your cell phone or tablet.

What is Available?

All of our available bottles will be accessible through the shopping section of our site. Because these sales are limited we will not always have one available, so stay tuned into our social media channels (   ) to get the latest updates.